Script Kiddie

Posted: June 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi friends….! I wish to start the blogging action, sorry blogging art with atmost pleasure on wordpress. I thought my first post should carry a basic idea so i can improvise in my upcoming activities. And now Are the script kiddie’s were real hackers….? The marks are A+ for the answer ‘NO’. Yes, these guys were simply actors like hackers and they can possibly act like a hacker to entire public if at all there is not real one. Basically all those persons would be probably efficient in computing smartly and grasping the public attraction.

Script kiddie’s will be wellversed on tricks on all basics on computing but to be a hacker one must be highly optionalised towards the software by customising them based on his needs. Hackers will be carrying loads of efforts on each work they do which is relevantly missing on the script kiddie’s. The most intresting thing these persons are the names they choose for their childish play…… site is specialised for script kiddie

Most of them will be downloading malicious scripts from the internet and will be trying to test or inject on to other machines…. here their effort is moreover zero.