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Posted: June 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hello friends…! Actually this idea is given by a friend of mine. He’s really an energised guy who was preparing for all competitive exams on a full stretch. And now he sprouted me with the feed why can’t you try out blogging about nature of work and oppurtunities layed out on MNC’s…. The result i leave it on your hands…

Today let’s see about ACCENTURE..,

Internal Job Posting Programme
The scope, scale and variety of  businesses creates tremendous opportunities for you, providing you with the opportunity for continuous learning, growth and enhanced career mobility to build your functional knowledge by moving across projects and workforces through some internal job postings programme. They encourage cross-functional movement to help you gain expertise across Accenture.

Rewards and Recognition
A career at Accenture is rewarding. Part of the reward is doing top-quality, interesting and challenging work. Part of it is the opportunity to grow and develop as a professional. Not only will you get a big stage to perform on, you will also get recognition for excellent work. Rewards and recognition constitute an important part of life at Accenture as for though they assure.

Career Counselling
Taking mentoring to another level, every employee at Accenture is assigned a career counsellor, who takes charge of monitoring, mentoring and counselling the employee to assist his or her growth within the organisation. This mentor helps you to develop a well-structured career growth plan that serves as a blueprint for your future.

Performance Management
Their Performance Management system supports career development by sharing detailed performance feedback and highlighting each person’s strengths and areas for development. Employees are expected to take on new challenges, advance and grow to meet new responsibilities.

so friends dnt let your dreams move away do that rite here rite now…! Cheers..!

  1. boopathy says:

    gr8 work dude..!
    precise and cool

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