Port Scan

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Heilo friends !!! So then a bit informative in this post will be not in the case of updated but making out essential things.

In that way port scan….

Scanning, as a method for discovering exploitable communication channels, has been around for ages. The idea is to probe as many listeners as possible, and keep track of the ones that are receptive or useful to your particular need. Much of the field of advertising is based on this paradigm, and the “to current resident” brute force style of bulk mail is an almost perfect parallel to what we will discuss. Just stick a message in every mailbox and wait for the responses to trickle back.

port scan tool

Scanning entered the h/p world along with the phone systems. Here we have this tremendous global telecommunications network, all reachable through codes on our telephone. Millions of numbers are reachable locally, yet we may only be interested in 0.5% of these numbers, perhaps those that answer with a carrier.

The logical solution to finding those numbers that interest us is to try them all. Thus the field of “wardialing” arose. Excellent programs like Toneloc were developed to facilitate the probing of entire exchanges and more. The basic idea is simple. If you dial a number and your modem gives you a CONNECT, you record it. Otherwise the computer hangs up and tirelessly dials the next one.

While wardialing is still useful, we are now finding that many of the computers we wish to communicate with are connected through networks such as the Internet rather than analog phone dialups. Scanning these machines involves the same brute force technique. We send a blizzard of packets for various protocols, and we deduce which services are listening from the responses we receive (or don’t receive).

Some of the techniques are:
TCP connect() scanning
TCP SYN scanning
TCP FIN scanning
Fragmentation scanning
TCP reverse ident scanning
FTP bounce attack.

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Hai friends…! happy to catch you all back and now a simple feature about your day to day activities.

This would be most probably known to all you guys be the caption makes the difference….

Yes, wardriving its nothing but searching a WI-FI network in moving vehicle. Most of the attackers would use their GPS unit to track the exact location where they can get the Internet access.  Basically a Laptop is enough for this action and nowadays most of the built-in configuration possess the wi-fi stimulators in it.

Commonly attackers will be using Net stumbler to identify SSID and other network details before connecting t the wireless network. A better example for this is…. In movies like DIE HARD4 , a young lad helping Bruce wills will tend to perform war driving using his iphone.

Shoulder surfing

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Hi friends…! After a day break with stress in college happy to catch you back and now jumping directly to the info….

Seems to be a bit enthusiastic today after getting a 100 rupiya from CEO of Dhyan infotech during an interactive session while attending a techtalk.

Shoulder surfing, This is quite funnier to hear and its meaning directly makes a meaning as hanging onto someone’s shoulders and browse. Its actual meaning does the same but in different view for that better take an example,

with respect to your home, a family member may be curious to see what information you have stored on the computer. A member of the family may also be nosy and want to know the user names or passwords to websites or accounts you might access via the Internet. In the comfort of your own home you may be less likely to think that one of your family members may be a shoulder surfer; however, it may very well be the case.

At your place of employment you might even be at risk. Co-workers might be curious as to the activities you engage in on your computer. If their jobs require that they do different tasks then you, they may want to learn how you do your job. They may want to look at the programs you utilize to perform your job. Even worse, they may want to check your e-mail accounts. These are all possible motives of the shoulder surfer who may just be around the corner near all the walls.

So just be aware about your surroundings before get down to any job……

The most enthralling lines i got remind always is ” Desire, Ignorance & Inequality were Trinity of bondage”

Please dont misbehave orelse dont let misbehaviour.


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Hi friends…!!! after pretty long back  now to make a little touch with technotweet. Yupp!!! let us see about the most credential aspect  called  “CAPTCHA”. This is the one you find during the user side verification code and you will be typing the text in an enumerated like form on a specified section.

Okay, we will discuss about types of CAPTCHA and its necessity below

Basically CAPTCHA’s are divided into 3 types Early, Improved, Modern.

Whereas Modern CAPTCHA’s include following types,

• Animated CAPTCHAs


• ASCII art

• Reverse CAPTCHA

A good example for this is movie like  Transformers 1.. a mini bot on an aircraft will be stealing the data about the mission and secret base very easily which a human cant do such faster.

CAPTCHA is quite commonly necessary to stop BOT’s intrusion moreover computer access to the human prior sites. As per security analysis it is must because as said previously to stop the BOT’s intrusion on some high defined logical reasoning access which would take more time for an unauthorized user the BOT’s makes them easier.

Accenture-Start your venture

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Hello friends…! Actually this idea is given by a friend of mine. He’s really an energised guy who was preparing for all competitive exams on a full stretch. And now he sprouted me with the feed why can’t you try out blogging about nature of work and oppurtunities layed out on MNC’s…. The result i leave it on your hands…

Today let’s see about ACCENTURE..,

Internal Job Posting Programme
The scope, scale and variety of  businesses creates tremendous opportunities for you, providing you with the opportunity for continuous learning, growth and enhanced career mobility to build your functional knowledge by moving across projects and workforces through some internal job postings programme. They encourage cross-functional movement to help you gain expertise across Accenture.

Rewards and Recognition
A career at Accenture is rewarding. Part of the reward is doing top-quality, interesting and challenging work. Part of it is the opportunity to grow and develop as a professional. Not only will you get a big stage to perform on, you will also get recognition for excellent work. Rewards and recognition constitute an important part of life at Accenture as for though they assure.

Career Counselling
Taking mentoring to another level, every employee at Accenture is assigned a career counsellor, who takes charge of monitoring, mentoring and counselling the employee to assist his or her growth within the organisation. This mentor helps you to develop a well-structured career growth plan that serves as a blueprint for your future.

Performance Management
Their Performance Management system supports career development by sharing detailed performance feedback and highlighting each person’s strengths and areas for development. Employees are expected to take on new challenges, advance and grow to meet new responsibilities.

so friends dnt let your dreams move away do that rite here rite now…! Cheers..!


SOCIAL MEDIA -A Brief view

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 Social media in my view it terms to be a typical platform which brought in together a wide majority of people so that they may share their views on a pubic manner. In reality you might be organizing any grand parties to gather people round the town, but incase if it grew to cover whole world then social media does that job for you.

Social Media, The term symbolizes many factors but on a whole it’s known to be a medium used to share the users view to everyone round the world. There is no any special reason for the emergence of social media but though a global answer for this is the need of people. The world has embraced the new tools that help thousands interact each day no matter where they are. There are so many merits that come with social media and this is undeniable. However, what many forget are the down sides.

 All good things will have flaws and the following are insights into the disadvantages of social media. Statistics have shown that young people form the bulk of the fan base when it comes to social media outlets. However, those who are in all kinds of businesses are also avoiding users to further their cause. Let’s discuss about both the high flyers and pitfalls as a detailed sketch. So where did the word media raised up. It’s been brought up in different parts of the world in different ways in different forms and serving different culture only with a common notification as information exchange. They were in together called as traditional media. Commonly they include news papers, television, radios and all such mass mediums.


 Socialnomics, this past week, released some staggering statistics on the current impact of Social Media.

 Erik Qualman has done a fine job of compiling the data and its presentation. I think you’d agree with me how amazing some of these statistics are. A few of these include:

1. 1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. last year met via social media

2. Years to Reach 50 millions Users: Radio (38 Years), TV (13 Years), Internet (4 Years), iPod (3 Years)…Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months…iPhone applications hit 1 billion in 9 months.

 3. If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 4th largest between the United States and Indonesia

Also, a few interesting facts concerning education:

 1. 2009 US Department of Education study revealed that on average, online students out performed those receiving face-to-face instruction

2. 1 in 6 higher education students are enrolled in online curriculum

3. Generation Y and Z consider e-mail passé…

In 2009 Boston College stopped distributing e-mail addresses to incoming freshmen Social media communities enable all types of companies from a simple free lancing unit to a big scale enterprise to connect with their customers in an impactful way. They are a global phenomenon happening in all markets and almost all industries. Here the term global phenomenon refers to the attribute of being published on net as well been watched by millions of users following them.

 Basically Show and event planners should keep in mind that by allowing exhibitors and attendees to interact with your brand, the opportunity for growth and engagement is tremendous.

For event handlers: In the event industry, social media initiates organizations to build relationships, favorably position their brand and allow for the possibility of an care, support, and exciting experience with their customers. These include social networks, micro-blogs, blogs, podcasts, forums, social review sites, photo/video sharing, discussion boards, widgets and RSS feeds. Forty-eight percent of adults have a MySpace or Facebook account page and over the past few months, approximately five million people joined Twitter each month. The number of adult Twitter users is projected to grow from 12.1 million in 2009 to 18.1 million in 2010. Additionally, women 55+ is the fastest growing demographic for Facebook, reinforcing that it is not just Generations X and Y benefiting from social media usage.

Show organizers: Utilizing a social medium correctly and effectively offers a significant opportunity for show management organizations to communicate with their exhibitors and attendees where they are and where the greatest opportunities for engagement exist. For instance, I have got selected to an International conference on computer applications (ICCA) and I was been in touch with them using a social media like FBK.

A Perfect Platform to move with:

An impactful social media plan should always include a listening strategy. In the social media world, listening is just as important as speaking. Listening and speaking is gradually Writing and understanding the Comments received. It is critical to know what is being said about your brand and who is saying it to develop a smart way to respond. There are several social media listening tools that aggregate the data you receive and help you make better sense of it. Some include Google alerts, Twendz, Technorati and Lexicon that allow you to observe how much your key word is being discussed on Twitter and Facebook, as well as monitoring rising links and top blogs.

Some steps to support fresher’s:

 • Various advertising opportunities

• Discussion boards allowing open/moderated conversations

• Introductions/common interest engines that allow participants to share contact information prior to or throughout the show

• Interactive session track pickers that allow attendees to choose the speaker, topic and schedules

 • Attendee meet-ups or “tweetups”, ”retweets”, that can faster professional networking

• Real time messaging and audience response during the event via mobile is highly great application to cope up on, Twitter walls, streaming videos or blogs.


• Online Social Communities: Global social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide an open forum for users to create group pages, share information and establish new connections.

Credits: These communities help people to publish their instant view on the things they see new and anything it might me, irresponsible to where ever they might be round the world. Consider setting up discussion boards on Facebook or LinkedIn for attendees to share best practices and relevant content. Also, specific Twitter event pages, set up by a hash tag provides an excellent channel for real-time announcements and event promotions that engage attendees and exhibitors.

 • Video Distribution Channels: One of the best-known video distribution sites is YouTube (www.youtube.com). This is where one can upload videos at no cost for anyone to see. Additionally, Flickr is another image and video hosting website to share photographs and is also used widely by bloggers as a photo repository. Similar to YouTube, MetaCafe also started satisfying users on a high scale.

Credits: These video distributing channels perform as such they will be hosting a task based utility. In that aspect these mediums carry all the corresponding videos that can be uploaded by any authenticated user and tend to be published as results when someone trying to search those hits. This acts as a pre-pruning site for viewing video presentations, Tutorials, media guides etc. on an brief manner.

• Blogs (web logs): Online journals typically written by an individual or a group. Typically, the entries are dated with the most recent on top, and there is usually an opportunity for readers to make comments. There are millions of blogs. Technorati (www.technorati.com) is an Internet search engine for seeking out blogs in multiple industries and allows for your comments to be posted on your favorite blogs.

 Credits: Most positive side of blogs are they used for marketing, On-line money making schemas, And self developing the art of writing their views similar to maintaining sites. Bloggers do concentrate on their work to be prelude by some other visitors.

• Widgets: Custom widgets can be created for your desktop to develop real-time information, as well as industry and association news. Most widgets can include pop-ups of important dates (registration, move in dates, early order deadlines, etc), as well as a countdown counter for the show date.

Credits: Widgets reinforce brand recognition, value and top of mind recall. Day to day updates on all the gadgets and current trends and some many will be provided via various applications.

 PITFALLS: Secondly, the risks that may be involved in undertaking certain laws in social media practices should be considered. Show management organizations should understand that the social media forum can be open for negative comments and complaints to be posted. Simply showing their dissatisfaction about the products similar to spams might add disgrace to the enterprise. They should be prepared for such instances and how best to manage and respond. This can be by making an acknowledgement of the issue and repairing the problem or to start a discussion or dialogue around the issue to bring both perspectives to light. Some of these negative comments can provide valuable customer insights. This policy should center on listening and establishing a dialogue, and not selling your product or service. This is mostly because it really is for the people. Bringing every kind of social group together in one place and letting them interact is really a big thing indeed. Everything about it lies on the advantages and disadvantages of social networking, and what it can do for you.

 Here are the advantages that can be more than enough for you to want to join in.

Less Costs:

Definitely, it’s cheaper to use online social networking for both personal and business use because most of it is usually free. While personal use is rather simple for anyone, the business functions are underestimated by many. In a social networking site, you can scout out potential customers and target markets with just a few clicks and keystrokes, adding a boost to your usual advertisements and promotional strategies. It lets you learn about their likes and dislikes, which is tremendous. Whether on a budget or not it makes no difference, if you want to fine tune your business then this is the way to go.

Builds Credibility:

You definitely can gain the customers confidence if you can connect to them on both a personal and professional level. Despite having to do a bit of work, it definitely pays off as you can be tapped for an offer if someone catches the tit-bits of your products or services. Just like promoting the accessories via internet to attract customers round the world.


 You are friends with people who have other friends, and so on. There is huge potential in such a common situation. By using a social networking site, you can do what you can and get connected with these people to form a web of connections that can give you leverage if you play your cards right. It is important to give as well as you receive, then they will most likely stick with you. These connections are definitely valuable in the long run. This sounds very enticing indeed. Similar to two faces of a coin, there are some disadvantages though?

 Lack of Anonymity:

 The methodology of putting out information about your name, location, age, gender, and many other types of information that you may not want to let others know. Most people would say be careful, but no one can be certain at any given time. As long as people can know who you exactly are, then some can find ways to do you in by interrupting in your privacies by chance.

Scams and Harassment:

 There is a potential for failure of security in both personal and business context. While many sites apply certain measures to keep any of these cases of harassment, cyber-stalking, online scams, and identity theft to an absolute minimum scale. Time Consuming: Majorly bloggers got arrested to this defect. If this is not your kind of thing that it would just be a waste of time for you. Because blogging is an art and you must be committed to it. The key to social networking is that it is supposed to be fun, whether you are just doing it for kicks or clicking around for business purposes. That should be reasonable enough for anyone, but there are those people who don’t see the point. They lag behind showing interest towards a face to face conversation with his friend rather then having live chat with him. It can be a disadvantage though for them. Now there’s something to really think about. Nothing is without a blemish, but those of social networking shouldn’t really be that much of a concern regarding your safety. Everything will go well as long as you go along without making any big mistakes. You can take advantage of the Internet phenomenon that continues up to this day.

Hai friends happy to catch you all back…. And now i’m back with an new stuff, MPLS.Itz quite new to all those hear first but the cnceptual ideas on it were quite intresting.
MPLS – Multi Protocol Label Switching. This mechanism is quite obviously based on telecommunicattion network and further done on the cases as the transfer is between two network nodes.

Eventually the functioning will be of MPLS-labeled packets are switched after a label lookup/switch instead of a lookup into the IP table.When an unlabeled packet enters the ingress router and needs to be passed on to an MPLS tunnel, the router first determines the forwarding equivalence class (FEC) the packet should be in, and then inserts one or more labels in the packet’s newly-created MPLS header. The packet is then passed on to the next hop router for this tunnel.

When a labeled packet is received by an MPLS router, the topmost label is examined. Based on the contents of the label a swap, push (impose) or pop (dispose) operation can be performed on the packet’s label stack. Routers can have prebuilt lookup tables that tell them which kind of operation to do based on the topmost label of the incoming packet so they can process the packet very quickly.

A number of different technologies were previously deployed with essentially identical goals, such as frame relay and ATM. MPLS technologies have evolved with the strengths and weaknesses of ATM in mind. Many network engineers agree that ATM should be replaced with a protocol that requires less overhead, while providing connection-oriented services for variable-length frames. MPLS is currently replacing some of these technologies in the marketplace. It is highly possible that MPLS will completely replace these technologies in the future, thus aligning these technologies with current and future technology needs. I heard about this technology from my senior which was played a heroic role in his project and collected more information about it on my CCNA classes. Well thanks for the support People. Cheers…….!